Significant callus (4/17)

Significant callus (pictures below) is defined as:

‘Callus that requires Podiatric Management’ (Scottish Diabetes Group – Foot Action Group 2010).

Significant callus causes pressure on the underlying tissues which can result in the tissues breaking down and an ulcer developing. If an individual has significant callus and is not attending a podiatrist then they should be referred to have a treatment/management plan agreed and introduced to suit their needs.

Callus on large toeCalluses on large toe and ball of second toeCallus on ball of foot

Non significant callus can be described as callus that does not require podiatric treatment, does not pose any risk and can be treated/managed by the individual.

The treatment of non significant callus or areas of dry skin can be managed by the individual after some simple instruction. The careful use of emery boards/ pumas stone, the regular application of a moisturiser cream and by following the advice given in the Low risk leaflet will usually achieve this.