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This is the module test for ‘Diabetic Foot Screening’. It is strongly recommended that you work through the learning materials of the module prior to commencing this test. By going straight to the test you may miss out on valuable learning contained within the module. The answers to all the test questions are contained within the module.


You will be presented with 7 individual scenarios, based on the information provided for each individual you will be asked to determine whether each individual is in the Low, Moderate, High, In Remission or Active foot disease category. You must answer all of these scenarios correctly to obtain a certificate of completion and competence. The version of the SCI-Diabetes form in this test is not an exact representation of the form and is purely for learning purposes.

The SCI-Diabetes form is pre populated as if the individual is suffering from no problems and will only need changed if the individual is perceived to be suffering from a problem after carrying out the screening process. The only area which is not pre-populated is whether the individual’s pulses are either present or both absent and this must be filled in when the palpation of pulses has been completed.

The highlighted area on the form on the right hand side of the page will correspond to the area of the SCI-Diabetes form which is being completed.

You should allow approximately 20 minutes to complete the test. You should complete this test in one session.

To gain a certificate in the Diabetes Foot Screening, select the test below. You should allow approximately 20 minutes to complete this quiz.

This certificate can be used as evidence of continual professional development (CPD).