Risk stratification – Low risk

Diabetic foot risk stratification and triage

Diabetic foot risk stratification and triage - low risk

These risk categories relate to the use of the SCI-Diabetes foot risk stratification tool

Low risk


No risk factors present e.g. no loss of sensation, no signs of peripheral arterial disease, no significant callus, no significant structural deformity, able to self care and an eGFR >30.


  • Screening every two years by a trained Healthcare Worker recorded on
    the SCI-Diabetes foot screening page
  • Agree personal foot care and self-care management plan with the
  • Review footwear
  • Provide written and verbal education including information on how to
    access podiatry (urgent or otherwise) as required.
  • Provide cardiovascular risk reduction information and encourage and
    signpost all smokers to a smoking cessation programme.