Risk stratification – High risk

Diabetic foot risk stratification and triage

Risk stratification and triage traffic light - high risk / in remission

These risk categories relate to the use of the SCI-Diabetes foot risk stratification tool

In remission/high risk


In remission

Previous ulceration, amputation or consolidated Charcot.


More than one risk factor present e.g. a combination of loss of sensation, signs of peripheral arterial disease, significant callus, significant structural deformity, unable to or has no help to self care or an eGFR <30.


  • No further foot screening required as risk level will not reduce
  • Implementation of a treatment/management plan by a podiatrist experienced in the diabetic foot agreed with the individual focused on preventing primary or recurrent ulceration according to individual needs and recorded on the SCI-Diabetes system
  • Review of agreed treatment/management plan annually, as a minimum,
    according to individuals needs and recorded on the SCI-Diabetes system
  • Further review of individual’s own or prescription footwear and insoles by an
    orthotist/podiatrist, especially for those ‘In Remission’
  • Referral to other relevant specialists as required
  • Provide written and verbal education including information on how to
    access podiatry (urgent or otherwise) as required
  • Provide cardiovascular risk reduction information and encourage and signpost all smokers to a smoking cessation programme.