Following the screening process every individual should be informed of their risk category and have that risk explained to them in a way in which they understand it in accordance with the Diabetic Foot Risk Stratification and Triage Chart. Every individual should be given verbal and written information regarding their risk status in a way that they understand it and what it means for them.

It is recommended that all Low risk individuals are educated in and have a focus on self management, this can be achieved through individual or group educational programmes and the Low Risk foot leaflet. Individuals of ModerateHigh/In Remission and Active foot disease will have a treatment and management plan implemented by a podiatrist where appropriate with the intention of trying to prevent primary or recurrent ulceration which should include appropriate educational updates at each visit.

It is hoped that following the appropriate risk categorisation with the subsequent introduction of a treatment/management plan agreed with the individual that this can minimize or help prevent primary or recurrent ulceration or other foot problems.

Education leaflets Scotland


The above leaflets can be downloaded from the My Diabetes My WayDiabetes in Scotland websites and the SCI-Diabetes foot screening page. They are also available in the 5 most common non English languages and are available for download from the Diabetes in Scotland website.

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