Foot ulcers

Why are people with diabetes more likely to develop foot ulcers which may lead to amputation?

Not all patients with diabetes will develop foot problems but the most important factors related to the development of foot ulcers are;

  1. Peripheral neuropathy – reduced nerve functioning due to peripheral diabetic neuropathy. This means that nerve that usually carry pain sensation to the brain from the feet do not function as well
  2. Peripheral arterial disease – narrowing of the arteries that can reduce the blood flow to the feet
  3. Significant structural foot deformities – resulting in areas of increased pressure which may lead to ulceration
  4. Significant callus – resulting in increased pressure to underlying tissues which may result in a breakdown and ulceration
  5. Minor foot trauma – causing injury which may lead to ulceration
  6. Poorly fitting footwear – resulting in trauma to areas of the foot which may lead to ulceration
  7. Previous foot ulceration – is the highest risk factor for future ulceration
  8. Visual/mobility problems – resulting in the patient being unable to check their feet