Phase I - NHS Scotland version

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The Foot Risk Awareness and Management Education (FRAME) project was commissioned by the Scottish Government to produce an e-learning resource to enable any Health Care Professional (HCP)/workers to gain knowledge of the theoretical and practical competencies to safely and effectively undertake the task of diabetes foot screening.

The recording of the information is shown using the Scottish Care Information - Diabetes Collaboration (SCI-DC) system which allows the information to be shared with all HCP's involved in the patients care in line with the action points set out in the Diabetes Action Plan 2010 and SIGN 116 Guidelines [.pdf].

The aim of the project is to provide an interactive way of learning and uses animations and case scenarios with the aim of standardising, in an evidence based manner, the way diabetes foot screening is performed throughout Scotland.

Phase II - NHS England version

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Building upon this work a second project was commissioned by the SW Clinical Network in England in response to a peer review of diabetic foot services across the South West region that highlighted a need for education in the assessment of the diabetic foot.

The aim of this project is to modify and update the module content to reflect English NICE guidance, to provide an interactive way of learning with the aim of standardising, in an evidence based manner, the way diabetes foot screening is performed throughout England.


On completion of either FRAME version the individual may opt to undertake case scenarios, and if completed successfully and passed, will gain a certificate of completion/competence.


The original project was officially launched at The Scottish Diabetes Foot conference in Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh on 6th June 2011. The NHS Scotland version is being led by the Scottish Diabetes Group - Foot Action Group and the University of Edinburgh.

The NHS England version of FRAME was officially launched on 1st February 2017. The NHS England version of FRAME project has been led and funded by the South West Clinical Network.


The NHS Scotland content was reviewed by members of the Foot Action Group which is a subgroup of the Scottish Diabetes Group, and Caledonian University.

  • The Foot Action Group is made up of Consultant Diabetologists Podiatrists, Orthotists and patient representatives covering the 14 health board regions throughout Scotland.
  • The remit of the group is to drive forward service improvement for people with diabetes throughout Scotland and to help minimise foot problems by improving the way services for the Prevention, Treatment and Management of diabetes foot disease are delivered according to the Diabetes Action Plan 2010.

The content of the NHS England version of FRAME was reviewed by:

  • Dr Richard Paisey: Honorary consultant and SW CVD SCN Diabetes Footcare Lead
  • Dr Julia Thomas: Consultant Physician and Endocrinologist at Musgrove Park Hospital
  • Anita Stuart: Diabetes Specialist Podiatrist at Derriford Hospital Plymouth
  • Alysia Kirby: Specialist Podiatrist- Diabetes at West Cornwall Hospital
  • Christiane Pankhurst; Senior Orthotist at Guys and St Thomas’ Hospital


Content provision

Written by: Duncan Stang, Chief Podiatrist, Hairmyres Hospital, NHS Lanarkshire

NHS England version modifications by: Joanne Paton, Podiatrist and NIHR Clinical Research Fellow, Plymouth University

E-learning consultancy and development

Provided by (2016): Jackie Aim, Stewart Lamb Cromar and Gavin McCormack from the University of Edinburgh.

Provided by (2011): Michael Begg, Stewart Cromar, Lynne Robertson from Learning Technology Section, University of Edinburgh

Published by: the Interactive Content Team, Information Services, The University of Edinburgh. All rights reserved.